The Weaver, Worsley and Chester June 2022

A trip together (Howard, Jean,Laurie Mary) from Anderton Marina initially heading down onto the Weaver, then north onto the Bridgewater canal.
Our planned journeys on northern canal across the Pennines had to be called off as the CRT progressively announced canal closure due to lack of water. tips for future years, start cruising early and beat the water shortages.

Highlights of the trip (so Far) have included:

  • A lift down to the Weaver and back up on the Anderton boat lift.
  • Trying out the new headlights through several tunnels.
  • Dunham Massey house and gardens.
  • RHS gardens Bridgewater at Worsley.
  • Mooring at Worsley by the Packet house
  • Seeing Chester races
  • Mooring up for a few days in Chester

By now all attempts at tracking the cruising hours using the Tachometer were futile, all cruising times and engine hours are now extrapolated from Victron logging data.

The Map of the trip with stops and dates

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Photos Anderton to Worsley and back

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Photos Worsley to Chester

Trip statistics

Date 2022OvernightOnboardMilesLocksEnd HoursCruising hours
1st JulyAnderton MarinaH, J, L, M--5019-
2nd JulyNorthwich on the WeaverH, J, L, M13450244.5
3rd JulyCul De Sack Bridge H, J, L, M4-50273
4th JulyStockton HeathH, J, L, M11150314
5th JulyLittle Bollington (Dunham Massey)H, J, L, M8-50343
6th JulyWorsley MooringsH, J, L, M12-50384
7th JulyPeel hall winding to Worsley MooringsH, J, L, M7.5-50403
8th JulyLittle Bollington (The Swan with 2 nicks)H, J, L, M8-50444
9th JulyRed BrowH, J, L, M12-50484
10th JulyAndertonH, J, L, M8.5150523.5
11th JulyBramble cuttingsH, L, M8.5-50553
12th JulyChurch MinshullH, L, M7.5650594
13th JulyVenetian MarinaH, L, M3.5150601.5
Fuel fill and pump out Chas harden boatsH, L, M5063
14th JulyThe Shady OakH, L, M7750644
15th - 16th JulyChester basinH, L, M10850695
17th - 20th JulyChester basinH--50723.5 Charging
21st JulyMollington MooringsH, J, Perrys2-50741.5
22th JulyNorthgate BridgeH, J, Perrys2350795.5 + Charging
23th JulyThe Shady OakH, J, Perrys10550855.5
24th JulyHureleston JunctionH, J, Perrys7650905
25th JulyHack GreenH, J, Richard5150933
26th JulyMarket DraytonH, J, Richard92150995.5
27th JulyShebdonH, J, Richard8551035
28th JulyThe Boat GnosallH, J, Richard6.5-51062.5
29th JulyThree Mile Post CovenH, J, Richard10151114.5
30th JulyDimmingsdale BridgeH, J, Richard8451144
Pumpout at fuel boatH, J, Richard5118
31st JulyStourton JunctionH, J, Richard8.51551206
1st AugBrierly Hill ShoppingH, J, Richard72851266
2nd AugSmethwick Old Main LineH, J, Richard10451315.5
3rd AugAston UniversityH, J, Richard6.51651354
4th AugDog and DoubletH, J, Richard92251426.5
5th AugFazeley Mill MarinaH, J, Richard3.5351442
6th AugTotals2321625144125

(*) Diesel Full
(+) Diesel Part Fill
(-) Pump Out