Anderton to Apperley Bridge 2023

A shared trip (Crewed by Laurie and Mary or Howard, Jean, and Guests ) to Bingley and beyond on the Bridgwater and Leeds and Liverpool canals.
We swapped crew to retrace our steps between Bingley and Gargrave before moving on to leave the boat at Apperley Bridge Marina

The Map of the trip with stops and dates

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The Bingley 5 rise (or fall in our case)

Date 2023OvernightOnboardMilesLocksEnd HoursCruising hours
23rd MayAndertonL, M--5347-
24th MayLymmL, M18153547
25th MayWorsleyL, M15-53584.5
26th MayPennington FlashL, M7.5-53612.5
27th MayScottsman's FlashL, M5-53632
28th MayWigan Top JunctionH, J, L, M32353696
29th MayArley WoodH, J, B, B3.5053702
30th MayRiley Green Visitor mooringH, J, B, B10.5753766
31st MaySide Beet Bridge BlackburnH, J, B, B8653804
1st JunBurnley EmbankmentH, J, B, B14.5-53866
2nd JunMill Hill Bridge 149 FoulridgeH, J, B, B9753915
3rd JunLangber Bridge 163 Bank NewtonH, J, B, B6.4353943.5
4th JunThorlby Swing BridgeH, J, B, B612, 2 SB53995
5th JunKildwick winding holeH, J, B, B7.5-, 9 SB54023
6th JunCrossflats BingleyH, J, B, B8-, 10 SB54064
7th JunSwine Lane BridgeH, L, M1.5-, 2 SB54071
8th JunSkipton Visitors mooring (*, -, g)H, L, M11-, 14 SB54125
9th JunGargrave Visitor MooringsH, L, M5.53, 5 SB54163.5
10th JunSour Lane Bridge ThorlbyH, L, M2.53, 2 SB54172
11th JunSkipton JunctionH, L, M2.5-, 3 SB54191.5
12th JunLodge Hill Bridge 194H, L, M8.5-, 10 SB54234
13th JunCrossflats BingleyH, L, M4-, 6 SB54252.5
14th JunBritania Mooring BingleyH, L, M1854272
15th JunSaltaireL, M23, 1 SB54292
16-17th JunDobson LocksL, M4.53, 5 SB54323
18th JunApperley Bridge MarinaL, M0.52, 1 SB54331
70 SB

(*) Diesel Full
(+) Diesel Part Fill
(-) Pump Out