Fazeley to Anderton May 2022

A trip together (Howard, Jean,Laurie Mary) from Fazeley Mill Marina to
in preparation for our journeys on northern canals this year.
We called in at Shugborough for an afternoon, traversed the Harecastle Tunnel again, and spent time clambering over the Anderton boat lift.

It was on this trip that we noticed the engine hours meter was misreading as the meter only recorded 20  hours for the 40 hours cruising on the trip.

The Map of the trip with stops and dates

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Date 2022OvernightOnboardMilesLocksEnd HoursCruising hours
19th MayFazeley MillH, J, L, M--4981-
20th MayWhittingtonH, J, L, M6-49832.25
21st MayWolseley BridgeH, J, L, M15.4349886.5
22nd MayWeston (Saracens head)H, J, L, M5.544992

23rd MayPlume of FeathersH, J, Steve & Jean101049975.5
24th MayWestfield lakesH, J8.3650025
25th MayRed bull bottom lockH, J, L, M4550075
26th MayWheelockH, J, L, M6205011
27th MayMiddlewich Kings Lock (-)H, J, L, M6450142.5
28th MayLion Salt WorksH, J, L, M8.5550184
29th MayAnderton MarinaH, J, L, M1.5-50191
TotalsTo Anderton Marina7158501940

(*) Diesel Full
(+) Diesel Part Fill
(-) Pump Out


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