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DateDaysStart/endViaStart HoursLocksMilesHours
4th Aug2Whilton MarinaBugbrook39002110
13th Aug7Whilton to Fazeley Mill3910306531
31st Aug4Fazeley Mill MarinaAston3941492617
20th Sep4Fazeley Mill MarinaWychnor3958143115
27th Oct1Fazeley Mill To Glascote3973223
11th May1Glascote To Fazeley Mill3975223
13th May7Fazeley Mill MarinaPenkridge3976225832
30th May2Fazeley Mill MarinaFazeley Mill Marina (Mary Training)40088106
1st Jun2Fazeley Mill MarinaCurdworth Top Lock4014221111
28th Jun3Fazeley Mill MarinaNuneaton, Wash Lane Bridge4025263318
6th Jul11Fazeley Mill MarinaBirmingham and Staffordshire ring4043797852
18th Aug21Fazeley Mill MarinaLapworth, Stourbridge, BCN and Staffordshire4095212174106
8th Sep-Fazeley MillPump out
Fuel fill
28th Sep4Fazeley MillMarston Junction4201382619
7th Apr2Fazeley MillBradley Green42204178
4th May17Fazeley MillFour Counties Ring422910415978
10th May-Red bull servicesPump out4251
11th May-MiddlewichFuel fill 84 lt4256
13th June18Fazeley MillAttempted Leicester Ring430716012070
2nd JulyFazeley millPump out and Fuel fill 178 lt4379
7th July17Fazeley Mill to Gayton MarinaNottingham & Leicester Loop43799314074
6th Aug-Gayton MarinaEngine Service4453---
13th Aug22Gayton Marina to
Fazeley Mill
Ashby Canal &
Stafordshire ring
27th Aug-Alvecote marinaPump out and fuel 170lt4502---
17th Sep4Fazeley MillSpringwood Haven45492631.515
22nd Nov4Fazeley Mill to Teddesley lockGreat Haywood456732916
Teddesley lock4585