Oxford, Ashby, Thames, Kennet & Avon, and G.U.

An extended trip with multiple sections from Fazeley Mill Marina down the Coventry and Oxford canals, to journey on the Thames and the Kennet & Avon Canal. The return trip was via the Grand Union and Birmingham.

In total we covered 651 miles and 436 locks, cruising for almost 370 hours over 136 days.

The route and dates

MilesLocksEnd HoursCruising hours
24th MayFazeley Mill Marina4603
25th MayNear, Meadow lane bridge No. 50H, J7.5246063:45
26th MayCherrytree Farm winding holeH, J5.251146104:25
27th MayNear, Bramcote Road Bridge No 6, Ashby CanalH, J8.63046144:21
28th MayNear Market Bosworth MarinaH, J12.5046205:33
29th MayShackerstoneH, J9.5046254:30
30th MayBarn Lane Bridge No. 19H, J11.5046285:14
31st MayNr Carters Bridge No.11 Oxford CanalH, J12146335:25
1st JuneNewbold visitor mooringH, J9046373:40
2nd JuneNr
Onley Fields Bridge No 79
H, J7.25346403:40
3rd JuneThe Bridge PH NaptonH, J10-46454:20
4th JuneFenny Compton Wharf InnH, J10946515:40
5th JuneCropreddy above lock 25H, J6846543:20
6th JuneMarsh Footbridge 163 BanburyH, J4446572:37
7th JuneThe Pig Place, Nells Bridge NarrowsH, J6346603:16
8th JuneAnyho Wharf(*)H, J1.524661*1:22
9th JuneAllens Lock 36 Upper HeyfordH, J5146632:22
10th JuneBellow Allens LockL, M-14664*31 Min
11th JuneEnslow Lock(-)4666
11th JuneSite of Shipton Lift Bridge 219L, M8546684:20
12th JuneSite of Shipton Lift Bridge 219L, M--4668*-
13th JuneOxford Visitor mooring Aristotle laneL, M7446724:04
14th JuneJerico Visitor mooringL, M1-467318 Mins
15th JuneJerico Visitor mooringL, M, H--46741:39
16th JuneBablock Hythe FerryL, M, H1054678*3:58
17th JuneTadpole BridgeL, M, H10246823:24
18th JuneTadpole BridgeL, M, H--4682-
19th JuneLechladeL, M, H10546864:12
20th JuneTadpole BridgeL, M, H10546893:23
21st JuneEast St OxfordL, M, J20646955:10
22nd JuneAbingdon BridgeL, M, J9446972:50
23rd JuneWallingfordL, M, H13447013:50
24th JuneCaversham Bridge ReadingL, M, H16447054:20
25th JuneHenley R&R MuseumL, M, H9.5447082:25
26th JuneCliveden Estate mooringL, M, H13.5547124:15
27th JuneCookham BridgeL, M, H1147130:45
28th JuneHenley Rowing MuseumL, M, H12.5447174:23
29th JuneSonning BridgeL, M6247192:00
30th. JuneTescos ExtraL, M,2147201:30
1st JulyFobney LockH, J3.5347222:00
2nd JulyFrouds BridgeH, J8947297:15
3rd JulyNewbury WharfH, J8947366:20
4th JulyHungerford Town BridgeH, J9.51147436:40
5th July
Great BedwynH, J51047474:30
6th JulyWootton River Bridge 110H, J61447536:00
7th JulyAll Cannings BridgeH, J8-47573:30
8th July
Devizes WharfH, J6-47603:00
9th JulySeend; Sells Green Swing BridgeH, J42947665:40
10th JulyTrowbridge; Ladydown Bridge 169H, J7747704:20
11th JulyConkwell WoodH, J6147733:15
12th JulyBathwick; Darlington WharfH, J5147762:30
13th JulyAvonCliffH, J7147793:50
14th JulyHilperton Marina (*, -)L, M, Alistair, Chris5147822:30
15th JulyBradford on AvonL, M, Alistair, Chris314784*1:30
16th JulyBathwickL, M, Alistair, Chris8.5-47873:50
17th JulyBathamptonL, M, Alistair, Chris41247924:30
18th JulyClaverton Swing BridgeL, M, Alistair, Chris2.5-4793*1:00
19th JulyHilperton MarinaL, M, Alistair, Chris7.5147973:30
20th July - 15th AugHilperton Marina (Engine Service)Layover
15th AugBradford on Avon Bridge 170H, J2-47980:30
16th AugSells Green swing BridgeH, J8748045:00
17th AugDevizes wharfH, J, L42948116:00
18th AugAll Cannings Woodway bridgeH, J6-48143:00
19th AugBrimslade Bridge9248195:00
20th AugCrofton41048244:00
21st AugPicketfield Bridge5948273:30
22nd AugKintbury4.5748303:30
23rd -26th AugNewbury, Northcroft6648343:30
27th AugNewbury, Ham Bridge2348361:30
28th AugPadworth Swing Bridge8948415:00
29th -30th AugTheal3348442:00
31th AugFobney Island
(2h Charging)
1st SepMapledurham8448535:00
2nd SepShiplakeH, J, L, M11448574:00
3rd SepMarlowH, J, L, M10448592:30
4th SepWindsor Visitor mooringH, J, L, M12.5548633:30
5th SepThe Thames Court H, J, L, M14548674:00
6th SepHampton CourtH, J, L, M634871*2:30
7th SepBrentfordH, J, L, M10.5548754:00
8th SepBulls Bridge JunctionH, J, L, M51048794:00
9th SepThe Malt Shovel Pub UxbridgeH, J, L, M414881*2:00
10th SepStocker Lock Rickmansworth7.5648854:00
11th SepRe-fuel Bridgewater boats Watford (+)L, M, A4888-
11th SepCassiobury Park Lock No. 76L, M, A454889*4:00
12th Sep - 13th SeptBoxmoor Hemel HempsteadL, M, A, Simon61448956:00
14th SeptPump out Winkwell, Bourn End (-)
14th SepBourn End, Sharpes lane bridgeL, M, A, Simon2548972:00
15th SepBulbourne, Grand Junction ArmsL, M, A, Simon81349025:00
16thMarsworth ReservoirsL, M, A, Simon1649041:30
17th Slapton BridgeL, M, Jane 5949073:00
18thStoke Hammond Bridge 106L, M, Jane 8.5749124:30
19thCosgroveL, M, Jane14.5349186:30
20thStoke Bruerne between locksL, M, Jane6549223:30
21stStoke Bruerne VillageL, M, Jane0.5249220:30
22ndBlisworth Station road bridgeL, M, Jane3-49242:00
23rdHeyford Lane, Standingham bridge (Via Whilton)L, M, Jane16-4929*5:30
24th - 28thGayton Marina (Layover)L, M, Jane6.5249322:30
29thWeedon Beck Vistor mooringH, J, Chris, Carolyn7.5-49353:00
30thNethercote railway bridgeH, J, Chris, Carolyn111349416:15
1stRadford Railway viaductH, J, Chris, Carolyn122249486:30
2ndWarwick Cape of Good HopeH, J, Chris, Carolyn5349502:30
3rdWhite Bridge 61ShrewleyH, J, Chris, Carolyn5.52149555:00
4thHockley HeathH, J, Chris, Carolyn51949604:30
5thKings Norton, Brandwood Tunnel (W)H, J, Chris, Carolyn9-49644:00
6thAston Science parkH, J, Chris, Carolyn8.51349684:00
7thThe boat inn MinworthH, J, Chris, Carolyn61449724:00
8thFazeley Mill MarinaH, J, Chris, Carolyn7.51149774:30

(*) Diesel Full
(+) Diesel Part Fill
(-) Pump Out

The Map of the trip with stops and dates

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Ashby Canal

Jean and Howard started off from Fazley along the Coventry canal. after a side trip up they Ashby canal they continued on the North and then South Oxford canals, through Braunston and Napton junctions.

Oxford Canal

Mary and Laurie picked the boat up on the Oxford Canal at Banbury and cruised south for a few days in Oxford.

Click the image here for the photos.

Upper Thames

Howard joined us in Oxford for our cruise up to Lechlade and then back to Oxford between the 15th and 24th of June.
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We carried on to Cookham and then back to Reading before Howard and Jean continued along the Kennet and Avon Canal.
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The Kennet and Avon canal entrance shown here is just below the useful Tesco moorings in Reading.

Bath and Devises on the K&A

Laurie, Mary, Alistair, Chris and Iona visited bath. Taking time out for wild water swimming and introducing Chris to navigating Lady’s smock through locks in bath. The deep lock in Bath is the second deepest (by just three inches) on the UK canal network.

Caen Hill lock flight Videos and Panoramas

Howard, Jean, Laurie and Gerry navigated Lady’s Smock back up the Caen Hill Flight on 7th August. Caen Hill Flight Locks.

*All Music: https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music.

360° Panoramas of Caen Hill flight.

The Lower Thames to Brentford

Howard, Jean, Laurie and Mary Cruised down the Thames from the 1st to the 9th of September. This included a splendid stop at Hampton court and a sunny afternoon cruise on tidal Thames from Teddington to Brentford. Our passage onto the Grand Union was eventful as the CRT had mislaid the record of our booking to go through Thameslock at Brentford.

Wargrave 2nd September
Windsor 4th September
Romney Lock 5th September, On You Marks – Get Set – Row.
Thames court and Shepperton Lock 6th September
Hampton Court 6th September

Longer videos for you to experience more of our trip.

Uxbridge to Gayton on the lower Grand Union canal

Having checked that they had no unfenced water children onboard, Laurie, Mary and friends Cruised Up the Grand Union between the 9th and the 22nd of September.

Hemel Hempstead Boxmoor, 12th September
Marsworth 16th-17th September
Stoke Bruern Locks and Village 20th-21st September

Longer videos for you to experience more of our trip.