Shakedown Trip 2022 Alrewas and back

A trip by Howard, Jean, from Fazeley Mill Marina to check the boat out for the new year. They took the boat to Alrewas and back over 4 days.

Laurie joined for the first part of the trip to Hopwas.

Date 2022OvernightMilesLocksEnd HoursCruising hours
15th AprilFazeley Mill--4966-
16th AprilHopwas6-49671.5
17th AprilAlrewas 13.5549725
18th AprilWychnor Lock & Whittington7.574978

19th AprilFazeley Mill Marina6.5-49812.5
TotalsRound Trip to Fazeley Mill Marina33.512498114.5

(*) Diesel Full
(+) Diesel Part Fill
(-) Pump Out

The Map of the trip with stops and dates

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